WALLS OF FAME- has a well grounded marketing strategy and very strong and exclusive product mix. We are among the new generation of companies. We are planning to open 50 retail outlets across North India specializing in wall papers and small gifts. On the basis of which we have developed two divisions.

Wall Coverings

Wallpaper, decorative paper made to cover interior walls. It developed as an inexpensive substitute for tapestry, cloth, or leather hangings or wood paneling. Its history reflects changing styles in textile design, and its manufacture depended on the development of printing. Although its primary purpose is decorative, wallpaper also has the practical purpose of covering cracks and other flaws

In our 1st division we would be covering all the wall papers and other related wall coverings. In this division we are representing major European brand from Germany, Japan, Spain, UK, Italy, Korea & Scandinavian countries. All our wall papers are manufactured and designed in Europe. Most of these companies have been operating since more than 25 years and are highly specialized. We would be displaying range of up to 6,000 different wallpapers and edgings.

This is a very new concept in India and would simply stimulate the senses - visual, tactile, acoustic solutions that quickly transform environments offering softer, warmer aesthetics that are valued by any one.

Most of the companies which we are representing are our customers for various products which we manufacture and export. This in turn makes our relation very strong with them.

Gifts & Decorative

In our second division we would be selling mainly selling household decorative and gifts which we are exporting all around the world. We are currently exporting to all the major international retailer and importers. Our main product categories are:
1) Leather Decorative
2) Metal
3) Glass
4) Textiles and floor coverings
5) Candles and other small gift products

List of our valuable clients are as following:

USA: Pier 1 imports, Blooming Dales, Hobby Lobby
Germany: Heine, Impression, Haymaan, BE Wohnen
France: AMPM, Atheza, Flamant, Sia
Norway: Christina Design, Hondebo,
Holland: Di light, Arp, P Vaan Roon,
Italy: Coin, Acanto, Rafella, Star SPA,
Spain: El Corte Ingles, Marco Polo, Destiny & Design, Inter Fabric,
South America: El Et Lui, Grabados, Kebec,
Eastern Europe: Pevec, Forma Idealla,
Japan: Eishin, Hankyu, Iida,
Gulf: Lifestyle, Patchi, The One, Marina, Al Ghanim Industries

Further more the Royal Family of Kuwait is again one of our prestigious and valuable clients. This is just a glimpse of some of presence internationally. This would be a very first time when Indian consumer would get a chance to view some of the best quality and designed products that are produced very much in India.

Space Required & Locality

Ideally space required is between 300 to 500 square feet on the ground floor in malls. Kiosks at the entrances of the mall are mainly preferred. Tenant mix would play a vital role to determine which mall to choose. Our products are primarily targeted to the middle to higher end of the Society.

Furniture and all the interiors of the showroom will be designed as per the norms of the principal. Similar format will be followed through out the country. We have a team of interior designers who would deal with the minutest details in furbishing of the showrooms or kiosk. Lighting would play a very important role and we would need 18 Watt CFL per square feet of the carpet Space.

Contact info:

Contact Person: Danish Zafar
Mobile No. +91 9810 492 493 // 98111 95 968
Tel # 011 3297 3959 // 2953 4021
Fax # 011 2953 4131
E-mail: wallsoffame@rediffmail.com, danish.zafar@flameindia.com

Office: 293, Forest Lane, Sainik Farms, New Delhi 110068

Distribution: C-117, Sector 63, Noida, UP
313, Sector -7, IMT Manesar, Gurgoan, Haryana

Export Showroom: Mart # B -08/ 31 TILL B-09/32 (Leather Decorative Division)
Mart # B- 01/ 39-41 (Metal & Glass Division)
Mart # B-06/ 39- 41 (Textile & Floor Covering)



Walls Of Fame
Contact Person:
Danish Zafar
 293 Forest Lane, Sainik Farms, New Delhi 110068, India
Tel: 0091 11 2953 \ 4021 \ 3297 3859
Fax: 0091 11 2953 4131
E-mail: wallsoffame@rediffmail.com, wof.wallpaper@gmail.com, info@wallsoffame.in
Web: www.wallsoffame.in